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As leading specialists in travel services, with a dedicated and experienced staff and excellent networking our travel business is based on quality presenting travel offers online. On this website, you can hire boats for a trip to the islands, charter yachts for a week or more, find accommodation, and order ground transfers.

Our concierge services will help you to reach any travel goal.

Why adriaticGlobal travel agency?

adriaticGlobal TA is a regional expert and leading specialist for holiday planning and provision of complete tourist services in southern Dalmatia, Dubrovnik area and wider.
Our business is based on quality presentation and complete tourist offer, professional and individual service oriented to client wishes and needs.
adriaticGlobal TA as Destination Management Company is an active member of UHPA ( ACTA /Association of Croatian Travel Agencies) which is a guarantee of the service quality and authenticity of products and services. We’re taking a special care of our clients during their stay in destination or use of our services and we are always at your disposal ready to help and share useful and helpful information…
Throughout our past we had countless number of satisfied and returning clients which presents our success and pride and we hope that you will become one of them in a near future.
Our goal is satisfied client and professional service which goes beyond your expectations!

Some people who have less experience in traveling wonder why would they make booking over agency, pay agency fees and spend more money if they can make reservation of certain services directly with individual tourist service providers. 

It is not uncommon that the information published on the internet by individual providers of touriost services or tourist web portals are not accurate or does not fully correspond to the real and actual state of the service with the aim to lure and to gain potential clients. First and foremost is to know the difference between the travel agency website and tourist web portals! The web portals are not responsible for publishing any incorrect information related to certain service or product because their priority task is to publish as many as possible services or products of individual tourist service providers with aim to charge annual fees for the publication of information, naturally without checking of the authenticity or quality of published services. So they do not assume any responsibility or care for a client who came in contact with individual service providers through the portal meaning that booking and payment of the services is completely at your own risk ... Due to this fact you might get disappointed and feel deceived upon arrival at the destination consequently after you realize that the service that you have booked is not the same as the one that has been presented on the Internet. It is the most often case with a private accommodation when photos, quality of accommodation, location and equipment do not match characteristics of the accommodation that you have booked or seen on certain internet site ... Furthermore, often happens that a private accommodation leasers make a overbooking of the accommodation that you have booked, therefore upon your arrival you will be offered with other solutions such as accommodation with lower quality in a neighborhood or further away… Sometimes you can be left on the street without any options ... In case of such challenging situation you will not have someone to whom you can turn to for a help...

Described examples of unwanted situations happen quite often due to low professionalism of private accommodation leasers or other individual tourist service providers. We are often witnesses to these events as some people who have experienced same or similar situations came to us asking for a help! No one wants to begin a holiday with such bad experience, so we have an objective and realistic advice: “It is always better to make the reservation through registered agency in the destination of your stay”.

It is true that our agency takes certain fee for provided services which are included in price but in the same time our agency offers a guarantee for authenticity of all information and photos published along with each product or service from our offer...
Each product or service has been examined through our quality control conducted by our agents in person in order to assure the best service and product for you... Therefore a small difference in price becomes irrelevant in exchange for a guarantee of quality and safety in the execution of the reserved services in the form which they are presented on our web site and you always have someone whom you can contact for the help in a case of any challenging situation or problem during your vacation or use of certain service!
adriaticGlobal travel agency offers to you a security which you will not have if you choose to make direct contact and make a reservation with individual tourist service providers with intention to spend less money!

People often make a reservation of tourist services in destination that they are planning to visit through agency in their own town with opinion that they will have a better service and someone to contact in case of the problem!?

Why would you waste your time by going to the agency in person and paying additional commissions which are usually high in agencies in your country or town, while you can book all necessary services for your holiday from your home in couple of minutes up to your choice and convenience? If you are already familiar with the online booking, you know that it is easy and fast way to make a reservation and our team is always at your disposal, ready to help, share and deliver to you useful and correct information related to destination of your choice, our products and services... It is natural and logical that we know our destination better than someone from your town and in case of any unwanted situation, adriaticGlobal agency will immediately send an agent to solve the challenging situation to your comfort and offer to you several options... Agency from your town cannot react that fast and efficient ...

If you have any questions regarding our services and products, or you like to know more about destination that you are planning to visit, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We remain at your disposal and we are looking forward to be at your service… 

adriaticGlobal TA team

Customer service

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Private transfer to Hvar

Excellent service! Frano was extremely helpful and considerate of our needs. Our skipper was excellent as well. Frano went an extra step to retrieve a lost camera for us and send it to me via ferry. Would definitely recommend.

Great experience :)

Really great day out and would highly recommendable Frano really looked after us and made sure we were well looked after , we visited BOWA restaurant which was really beautiful and secluded Thank you frano for a great day out and for looking after us :)

Highly recommend booking with adriaticglobal.net!!

I booked a day trip for 11 people and I have nothing but positive things to say about Frano and his staff. Pre-departure, he was accommodating, proactive, communicative and responsive. During the trip, his staff was kind and welcoming and even found us a last minute lunch reservation for 11 when our ground transportation fell through. There was never a point I felt confused or worried about my booking. Frano delivered everything he promised and more. Wonderful experience.

Best boat experience!

This was the perfect way for us to get from Hvar back to Dubrovnik! We got to stop at several islands along the way down and get out and explore, go to secret swimming spots and Frano was great at letting us choose what worked best for us. The whole experience was worth it and would recommend this over a car ride or ferry for sure!!