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As leading specialists in travel services, with a dedicated and experienced staff and excellent networking our travel business is based on quality presenting travel offers online. On this website, you can hire boats for a trip to the islands, charter yachts for a week or more, find accommodation, and order ground transfers.

Our concierge services will help you to reach any travel goal.

General terms

adriaticGlobal.Net is on line travel agency that enables users to research, find, and book accommodation, tours, boat charter, ground services and other travel services in Croatia (Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, Zagreb area) and Montenegro.The purpose of adriaticGlobal.Net web site is to assist customers in search and booking reservations for products listed on web site. On this page you can read about our general terms and cancellation policies. Note : by confirming reservation you have agreed with our general service terms.

  • 1.OFFER

    All services from adriaticGlobal.Net TA (or Agency) program offer are published on www.adriaticGlobal.net web site according to described standards and contents. adriaticGlobal.Net gives guaranties for the authenticity of pictures and information from its own offer, as well as for the conditions under which certain service is offered. The standards of meals and other services etc. in certain places and countries are variable and are not commensurable. The information which traveler receives at other selling spots will not oblige adriaticGlobal.Net agency more than information published on our web site pages. adriaticGlobal.Net oblige to provide to the Passenger/Client every chosen service from its own program according to data and terms published on official adriaticGlobal.Net web site and partner sites (viator.com, getyourguide.com) and in line with description and the time period of confirmed reservation, except in case of illness or death of service provider or his closest family, natural disaster or exceptional circumstances (war, strike, terrorism, riots, sanitary disorder, government intervention etc.). This document describes general terms between client and adriaticGlobal.Net. In some occasions adriaticGlobal.Net and client can agreed other terms of service and in that case signed agreement terms between client and adriaticGlobal.net applies.

  • Partners offers

    adriaticGlobal.Net offers services listed on this site trough parners and parner channels such as :

    • viator.com / tripadvisor.com
    • getyourguide.com
    • In case you have booked our services trough our partners or our partners channels, than partners privacy, payment terms, general terms, conditions and cancellation policy applies


    The applications for reservation of service from adriaticGlobal.Net offer program are to be submitted in electronic form, email or the template available at www.adriaticGlobal.net, in the adriaticGlobal.Net agency office or in adriaticGlobal.Net authorized representatives’ offices. During the application Passenger/Client confirms that he is familiar with current "General terms" of services and also that he accepts them. That way, everything written in "General terms" becomes obligatory for the Passenger/Client as well as for the adriaticGlobal.Net agency. These "General terms" are published on the official website of the adriaticGlobal.Net Travel Agency (www.adriaticGlobal.net/en/pages/general-terms.aspx) and adriaticGlobal.Net travel agency is not required to subsequently submit "General terms" to the Passenger/Client if the inquiry or reservation has been made electronically. While applying, Passenger/Client is obliged to fill in the form with all required information, i.e. during application in our office or our representatives’ office to show all required documents necessary to carry out prescribed procedure. adriaticGlobal.Net does not take the responsibility for authenticity of information provided by Passenger/Client during application. Our privacy policy you can read here : adriaticGlobal.net privacy policy.


    In order to confirm the reservation Passenger/Client is may be asked to pay deposit (accommodation) or in advance full amount (other services) via bank transfer, online payment processing gateway or PayPal of the service or furnish a guarantee for deferred payment under an agreement for payment method and dynamics (Confirmation by letter of guarantee by credit card). If the client is asked to pay deposit he is obligated to process payment accorded agreed time.  By payment of the reservation Passenger/Client confirms that he is fully aware of all characteristics and terms under which certain service is offered and adriaticGlobal.Net is obligated to provide exact service published on adriaticGlobal.Net web site. 

    Payment via our online payment gateway

    When you submit inquiry for a Product (Excursion, Accommodation, Charter, Transfer etc..) through our website (https://www.adriaticGlobal.net), after your confirmation of reservation we will send you link to the our payment gateway (http://pos.adriaticglobal.net) where we collects your payment information and processes your payment.Currently we accept the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa. Full payment by credit card is required to confirm a reservation.

    Confirmation by letter of guarantee by credit card

    Letter of guarantee by Credit card authorization will be kept in our agency as guarantee that client will attend reserved services! Once client meets with our agent at agreed time and place of meeting, Letter of guarantee by credit card authorization will be returned to you to be cancelled and you will make full payment to our agent!

    Canceling a confirmed booking can result in cancellation fees being applied by adriaticGlobal.Net. When canceling any booking you will be notified via email of the total cancellation fees.


    The cost includes basic services as it is described against every single service on www.adriaticGlobal.net web page. In case that the price list of a particular service is not available on the official website of the adriaticGlobal.Net agency, the price list will be delivered to Passenger/Client upon request! Additional services are those that are possible but not included in cost of basic service, and are charged additionally. Additional services should be specifically asked for during reservation and are upgraded on basic service cost. They are also separately displayed in final estimation. Optional services are those provided by adriaticGlobal.Net agency as a part of certain program, but Passenger / Client has a choice to use them or exclude them during the program. The costs of all services from adriaticGlobal.Net program offer are declared in EUR or a particular currency equivalent. adriaticGlobal.Net keeps the right of costs modification due to exchange rate alternation. If the exchange rate alternation has befall before confirmation of reservation (advance payment) adriaticGlobal.Net will inform the Passenger/Client about cost modification. In case of already confirmed reservations adriaticGlobal.Net guaranties fixed costs. If there are more kinds of discounts for certain service, the one most beneficial to Passenger/Client will apply.

    Price quotations are subject to change without notice, until a booking has been confirmed.
    Unless otherwise specified, prices do not include any local taxes or use-fees, including foreign departure, security, port charges, park fees, customs, immigration, agricultural, passenger-facility charges or international transportation tax.
    Prices do not include tips/gratuities to tour directors, drivers, boat skippers and crew, or local guides; passport and visa fees; baggage and personal insurance; any items of a personal nature; taxes or duties; and any beverages or food not specifically listed under "Including" on the product pages of the adriaticGlobal.Net

    Fuel surcharge for the boats

    Fuel surchange for the boats can be presented in two ways :

    • Calculated with confirmed service cost (price)
    • Presented as extra service costs to be paid after tour check out
    • Presented as APA charter expenses

    Fuel surcharge might vary under heavy sea conditions or itinerary detours

    Each client will be informed for boat fuel surcharge costs and how they are calculated. adriaticGlobal.Net keeps right to recalculate fuel surcharge costs if fuel liter  had risen more than 10% by Croatian Government


    Invoices are issued on Croatian language, with prices in kunas, according Croatian law.


    adriaticGlobal.Net offers the possibility of offering following travel insurances which contains: For the accommodation (hotels, apartments, villas, rooms) :

    1. Health insurance of travellers during their stay in Croatia
    2. Accident insurance
    3. Insurance from travel cancelling
    4. Luggage insurance
    5. Insurance from yacht charter / speed boat charter cancelling

    If the Client inquiring for the travel insurance he is obliged to indicate it during reservation. He will be introduced to costs of insurance company services and adriaticGlobal.Net agency procurement fees.

    Services insurance

    Insurance for the services (transfers, excursions, boats, yachts) such insurance from injuries by car/vehicle or boat accident or crash are fully covered by car/vehicle or boat insurance policy issued from Croatian insurance companies according Croatian law. Travel canceling insurance and luggage insurance are not covered with Insurance for the services.

    Yacht, sailboats and speed boats charter insurance

    If the Client inquiring for the charter insurance due to charter cancellation he is obliged to indicate it during reservation. He will be introduced to costs of insurance company services and adriaticGlobal.Net agency procurement fees.


    Force majure / Superior force

    adriaticGlobal.Net keeps the right to change or terminate the reserved service in case of circumstances that can not be predicted, avoided or eliminated (force majeure, such as a war, strike, riot, crime, or an event described by the legal term act of God (hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc.), prevents one or both parties from fulfilling their obligations).

    Boat engine or vehicle engine breakdown

    In case of boat engine or vehicle engine breakdown Change of reservation service terms apply. In any case of boat engine or vehicle engine breakdown during use of service agency will do all the best to find the quickest possible solution and offer full money refund or rescheduling service to the next day.

    Change of service due to weather conditions

    Agency keeps rights to change reservation of service due to weather conditions. If agency realize that use of service due to the weather conditions will lead loss / damage for the boat or vehicle or hazardous service agency will offer change of service free of charge. Change of service might be reschedule for the next day or change of utility used to complete the service, examples as : Due to heavy sea conditions sea transfer cannot be performed. We will offer client use of vehicle instead boat for transferring by land instead sea transfer.

    Change of reservation or service

    The change of reserved service is possible only if Client agrees and the service is of the same or higher quality standard, and by the price confirmed during reservation. If alternative service is possible only in higher standard and by the price up to 10% higher than original one, adriaticGlobal.Net keeps the right of charging the rest upon consultation with Client. In case that adriaticGlobal.Net agency can not offer the alternative, and the Client is not compliant with price increasing more than 10%, adriaticGlobal.Net keeps the right to cancel the reservation in which case the agency guarantees full refund.


    If the Traveler/Client wishes to change or terminate the reservation after the advance payment or provided a guarantee of payment to the agreed dynamics and method of payment, he has to do it in written form (email, regular mail, and fax).
    The change will be considered every alternation in number of person, the date of the beginning and/or ending the service, which has to be done at least 15 days prior to start of service. Every change made within 15 days or upon start of reservation will be considered as termination of reservation. The first change will be free, if possible. Next changes will be charged 35 € per change. In case that reservation change is not possible, and the Client cancel the confirmed reservation due to that reason, the conditions mentioned below will apply. The calculation of the expenses due to termination will be made on the basis of the date when written termination notice is received, and will include:


    • Total amount with moderate cancellation policy
      • In case that Client cancels reserved service at any point of time, agency will charge 20% of total value. The remaining amount will be return to Passenger/Client on Client’s expense!
      • In case that Client cancels reserved service 30 to 16 days prior to beginning of the service, agency will charge 50% of total value.The remaining amount will be return to Passenger/Client on Client’s expense!
      • In case that Client cancels reserved service 15 to 7 days prior to beginning of the service, agency will charge 70% of total value. The remaining amount will be return to Passenger/Client on Client’s expense!
      • In case that Client cancels reserved service 6 to 1 days prior to beginning of the service, agency will charge 100% of total value. The remaining amount will be return to Passenger/Client on Client’s expense!
      • In case that Client cancels reserved service on the day of the service (NO SHOW), agency will charge 100% of total value.
    • Deposit with advance and remaing amount without cancellation policy and best available rate
      • 40% seven days after confirmation of tour. Rest of the amount (60%) seven days before accommodation check in.
      • Deposits are usually non-refundable. If you pay a deposit and then change your mind, there is no refund.
    • * for accommodation (apartments, villas and hotels) there is no availability for refund or change date of service. 


    The calculation of the expenses due to termination will be made on the basis of the date when written termination notice is received:

    1. 30 days before service check in : full refund.
    2. 30 - 7 days before service check in: 50% refund of confirmed price.
    3. 7 - 1 or before service check in or no show: no refund.

    If the reservation is canceled due to force majeure (superior force), agency keeps discretion right to calculate the termination expenses according to presented evidence.

    In case of client illness,physical condition, accident or injury prior service star agency will in good manners offer :

    1. Service reschedule to the next day.
      • If the client is unable to accept reschedule agency will return full amount to the client or if client has signed Letter of Guarantee by credit card for confirming service use, no charge will be made for cancellation.
      • If the client is unable to accept reschedule agency will return full amount to the client or if client has signed Letter of Guarantee by credit card for confirming service use, no charge will be made for cancellation.

    Cancellation due to weather conditions for services on sea (boat rent, excursions except boat transfers)

    • In case of bad weather, choppy sea conditions, heavy rain with strong wind, heavy sea conditions we will offer service reschedule to the next day.
    • If the client is unable to accept reschedule agency will return full amount to the client or if client has signed Letter of Guarantee by credit card for confirming service use, no charge will be made for cancellation.

    Weather forecast monitoring (For : Tours at sea, boat tours, yacht charter)

    Our boat (yacht, sail, speed and tourist boat) department, during nautical season is constantly monitoring weather forecast and in any notice of bad sea conditions we are informing our clients.


    Yacht chartering is the practice of renting, or chartering, a sailboat or motor yacht and traveling to various coastal or island destinations with skipper / crew or bare boat usually on week period basic (from Saturday till next Saturday).


    • Deposit with advance and remaing amount without cancellation policy
    • Yacht charters with MYBA : according signed MYBA contract
    • Yacht charters without MYBA : according signed contract
    • Boat rentals : according signed contract
    • In case there is no contract, cancellation will be proposed in email with reservation ID. 

    If the reservation is canceled due to force majeure, adriaticGlobal.Net agency keeps the discretion right to calculate the termination expenses according to presented evidence.

    In case of client illness,physical condition, accident or injury prior service star agency will in good manners offer :

    1. Charter period reschedule (if confirmed boat is not available on rescheduled dates we will offer similar boat as replacement).
    2. If the client is unable to accept reschedule agency will not return full amount to the client or if client has signed Letter of Guarantee by credit card for confirming service use, and full charge will be made for cancellation.
    3. For all services price more than 500 EUR if the reservation is cancelled due to force majeure, adriaticGlobal.Net agency keeps the discretion rights to calculate the termination expenses according to presented evidence and ask an Clients proof of contept

    MYBA Agreements

    What is MYBA

    MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association is an internationally renowned professional organisation, founded in 1984, whose Members are involved at all levels within the Superyacht Industry. Members of MYBA are widely represented in all fields of brokerage, charter,technical management and construction of large yachts.

    All charters agreement may apply and be signed under MYBA conditions. In that case all conditions from MYBA agreement betweer OWNER and CHARTER applies.


    In case that Client (as Charterer) cancels yacht charter service which includes Relocation fee and provision following terms apply :

    1. For the Relocation fee / Fuel: if the boat is under way agency will charge 100% of total value, and if boat is not under way agency will return full amount
    2. For the provisions: if the provision (food & beverages) for boat charter left the warehouse agency will charge 100% of total value, other way we will return full amount.
  • 9. adriaticGlobal.Net OBLIGATIONS

    Obligations of adriaticGlobal.Net agency are taking care about the choice of service provider as well as managing the services in line with good economic practice and protection of rights, privacy and interests of Client according to good tourist practice. adriaticGlobal.Net carries out all obligations completely and as it is described, except in case of force majure.


    1. Have valid travel documents (all parties in the group)
    2. Children are welcome on all services offered (if not stated otherwise) but it should be noted by parents that extra care and attention of the parents are needed especially when the vessel / vehicle is in motion, attraction & venues exploring.
    3. Respect customs and currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia as well as of the states he is visiting. Follow the instructions of authorized personnel of www.adriaticGlobal.net/en/">adriaticGlobal.Net (specially on boat tours, excursions, transfers and charter) and cooperate with service providers in good faith.
    4. Inform adriaticGlobal.Net TA about eventual delay to arrive to departing/collecting location on estimated time.
    5. Upon departure give the payment receipt to a service provider (reference/voucher received by mail or email after payment of reservation/service/s)
    6. It is a Passenger/Client obligation to ascertain whether visa is required for a certain state. All possible expenses occurred as result of non­compliance with aforesaid obligations Passenger/Client defrays to the agency and is responsible for the claim done.
    7. Print, read and sign contract (if any, for example MYBA Yacht charter contract).

    adriaticGlobal.Net is not responsible for the baggage lost, ruined, damaged or stolen during the travel (travel insurance which includes baggage insurance is recommended, or to rent a safe in case of positions of greater value, if there is such a possibility). Lost or stolen baggage is to be reported to the service provider and authorized police station.


    With aim of the service enhancement and communication improvement between the Passenger/Client and adriaticGlobal.Net agency, adriaticGlobal.Net has inducted special questionnaire for impressions which can be fill in after service has ended. There are questions in it regarding quality of service provided by adriaticGlobal.Net agency and service provider. Passenger/Client has agreed and has entitled adriaticGlobal.Net agency to if necessary publish commentss on an official Internet site, no matter the content. That way Passenger/Clients can have more realistic insight of services.


    Every Passenger/Client­voucher bearer has the right of reclamation due to unperformed service. If the bought services are completely or partially unperformed, Passenger/Client can ask for compensation by written complaint. Every Passenger/Client­voucher bearer submits the complaint separately.

    Reclamation procedure:

    If the Passenger/Client is unsatisfied with the product or service from adriaticGlobal.Net program offer, Passenger/Client is obliged to inform adriaticGlobal.Net agency and indicate the reason of dissatisfaction on the telephone number (+385) 20 313 031.


    adriaticGlobal.Net will try to found out the reasons of dissatisfaction verbally. If the solution can not be found that way adriaticGlobal.Net obliges to send the representative on the place of reclamation in shortest notice. Complainant is obliged to wait for representative of agency on the certain place in agreed time. In case that it is not possible to contact adriaticGlobal.Net agency, Passenger/Client is obliged to make reclamation to service provider. To all parties involved in reclamation is strictly forbidden to remove or the causes of dissatisfaction or make changes with aim of palliation.

    Cooperation between adriaticGlobal.Net and client(s)

    The Passenger/Client is obliged to cooperate with adriaticGlobal.Net agency representative in good faith in order to remove the causes of reclamation. Upon arrival on the spot adriaticGlobal.Net agency representative will check all the entries of the reclamation by inspection of de facto situation. If the problems can not be solved agreeably, determined situation will be described by adriaticGlobal.Net representative in document called "Minute reclamation check" (mentioned as "Minute" further on)

    The minute reclamation check

    "The Minute" may contain photographs of determined situation taken by client, adriaticGlobal.Net representative or adriaticGlobal.Net stuff. As a sign of acceptation "The Minute" will be signed by adriaticGlobal.Net agency representative and Passenger/Client.In case that determined situation matches the complaints, reclamation is considered justified.



    Safety is most important thing for our clients. For that reason, spot of complaints will be done after tour / service check out.


    During our service use, we are providing lot of supllemental services to our clients such as professional tour guide, visiting museums in attractions, restaurants etc...Constanty we are doing inspection trips and direct at place provider checking, so in most time we can guarantee 100% for our service providers, but in some occasions variations may apply due to provider occupancy, weather, road and sea conditions.


    If justified causes of dissatisfaction can not be removed, adriaticGlobal.Net will in good manner offer appropriate alternative to the Passenger/Client, recovery service or refund as agreed with the passenger / Client. adriaticGlobal.Net must not offer the service of less value than claimed service as alternative. If the Passenger/Client on the spot of complaint refuses to accept the offered solution adriaticGlobal.Net, agency is not obliged to accept later complaint, respectively, if there is appropriate alternative Passenger/Client is obliged to accept it. If the causes of complaint are justified, the solution of reclamation will be considered if the causes are removed. If the acceptable solution can not be found the Passenger/Client keeps the right to cancel the reservation without the calculation of cancellation costs only after “The Minute” is written. If the complaint is unjustified and the Client goes from the place of service he loses the right of afterwards complaint and refund. In case if justified reasons of dissatisfaction are not removed, 14 days upon coming back from vacation at latest the Passenger/Client is obliged to send additional complaint by mail to adriaticGlobal.Net, Tendo d.o.o – Rožatska 1, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia. adriaticGlobal.Net is obliged to issue written decision on additional complaint in 14 days after receiving the complaint. The decision can be delayed for additional 14 days at most only in case when more information is needed and additional checks are required. adriaticGlobal.Net is obliged to inform the Passenger/Client in writing about the time extension. adriaticGlobal.Net is dealing only with complaints whose cause could not be removed in the place of service.The Passenger/Client will give up the agent, arbitrage of Croatian Travel Agency Association, the court as well as giving information to the means of public informing until agency make a decision. adriaticGlobal.Net can determine that additional complaint is justified or not depending on the circumstances and facts from “The Minute” as well as on the basis of proofs (photographs, video) If the complaint is found unjustified all eventual costs caused by reclamation will be billed to the Passenger/Client.The highest fee can be equal to the part of services, on which reclamation is made at most, can not include services already used or the overall cost.With this the Passenger/Client right to return of ideal claim is excluded. adriaticGlobal.Net is not responsible for the contents that are not included in reservation such as weather conditions, traffic conditions, street works, inappropriate behavior of other passengers as well as for all other similar situations and events that might be unsatisfactory to the Passenger/Client, and not under the jurisdiction or control adriaticGlobal.Net Travel Agency.


    If the Passenger/Client is not satisfied with the decision of additional complaint he may complaint to arbitrage of CTAA or the Court. In case of lawsuit the commercial court in Dubrovnik has jurisdiction. The law of the Republic of Croatia applies.

Last document update: 11.03.2018
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