Selection of private excursions and tours in Dubrovnik.

Dear traveller, private day tours/excursions in Dubrovnik are taken by one or more passengers (all in the same party) on the date of their choice, subject to schedules and availability. In other words, our private excursions in Dubrovnik are just you (and/or your group) and adriaticGlobal.Net guide or/and driver / skipper - there are no join-in travelers. Private excursions offer the following benefits : they are flexible with itinerary, so you can enjoy trip planning with your own tour guide, enjoy boats & vehicles that catering to only you for sightseeing popular attractions in comfort way.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Hidden beauties of Elafiti islands
Hidden beauties of Elafiti islands

This exciting and unique private speed boat tour or yacht excursion is best option to visit hidden gems of Dubrovnik Elafiti islands (Lokrum,Kolocep,Lopud,Sipan), experience natural beauties (sandy beaches, sea caves, hidden coves) and historical heritage in comfort and privacy. Elaphiti are group of islands, close to Dubrovnik,simply breathtaking, sense of peace away from the hustle of Dubrovnik and there's no better way to discover it than with the boat. Choose boat from our newest and largest fleet of speed boats (Sea Ray, Jeanneau), yachts (Jeanneau, Ferretti, Sunseeker) for hire and visit hidden coves, caves and beaches, taste fresh food from Adriatic sea in cozy waterfront restaurants, swim & snorkel in crystal blue sea with ours flexible itinerarires (4 or 8 hours).

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Private boat transfer Dubrovnik <-> Hvar
Private boat transfer Dubrovnik <-> Hvar

Enjoy a private transfer with a boat (speed boat or yacht) to the Island Hvar departing from Dubrovnik or departing from Hvar to Dubrovnik. Hvar is very popular destination in Croatia, with great beaches, bays, hotels, restaurants and night life. Sea transfer Dubrovnik - Hvar is more than a transfer, because you will have an option to stop on Island Korcula or Scedro and in the hidden bays in south Adriatic archipelago for relaxing and swim. Duration of transfer is around 3 to 4 hours, depends on weather and sea conditions and sea distance between destinations are about 85 nautical miles.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Extended Dubrovnik Islands private boat tour
Extended Dubrovnik Islands private boat tour


dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Odysseus's island
Odysseus's island

Private boat tour around Island Mljet Have you heard about Odysseus, great mythical Greek hero and king of Ithaca? According to one of the many legends, Odysseus was shipwrecked on island Mljet and lured by the nymph Calypso in cave where he became her hostage. With this excursion we will visit famous Odysseus's cave and also the beach Lemuni where St. Paul the Apostle was also shipwrecked!

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Combo private boat tour - Elafiti and Island Mljet
Combo private boat tour - Elafiti and Island Mljet

Combo private boat tour - Elafiti and Island Mljet

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Dubrovnik beach adventure - boat / speedboat trip with beach stops
Dubrovnik beach adventure - boat / speedboat trip with beach stops

In Dubrovnik, there are so many beaches worth to visit. Skip the line, make the most of day spent 4-5 hours in relaxing, exploring, sport, adventure and sunbathing with this private boat tour of Dubrovnik beaches.Enjoy fast speed boat ride, stop on the beach, jump from the cliffs, try water sports activities such as jet ski, fly board, water skiing, tube riding, banana boat on popular Dubrovnik beaches.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Pearls of Montenegro coast
Pearls of Montenegro coast

Montenegro, unique in many ways. Contrast and diversity of cultures, richness of natural beauties, a country that will not leave you indifferent! This full day private tour will present to you a Montenegro in completely different light. You can choose to see & visit Kotor, Perast and/or Budva, Sveti Stefan with private tour guide (either full day or in specific destination(s) on your native language) or just on your own (renting car with English speaking driver).

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Island Mljet - Land of Green
Island Mljet - Land of Green

The stories about Island Mljet attractions: Lakes, Odyssey and nymph Calipso, Apostle Paul, Benedictine monks and the Mediterranean Seal are just some of many legends woven in history of island Mljet.Lose yourself in the wild landscapes of the Mljet National Park on this private full-day cruise from Dubrovnik. Jump aboard a private yacht or speedboat and cruise along the Dubrovnik littoral to Mljet island. Spend the afternoon hiking or cycling along forest trails, cruising to the Benedictine monastery of St. Mary or sampling local life in Polace village. Your private cruise is fully customizable, so you could also stop to swim or snorkel at the Elaphiti islands or explore the sea caves of Kolocep along the way.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Dubrovnik Jet Ski safari
Dubrovnik Jet Ski safari

Get ready for a serious fun and Jet Ski safari adventure! Riding waves along shore side of Dubrovnik and nearby islands offers the best possible Jet Ski experience in Dubrovnik region...

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Peljesac wine yards and oyster farms
Peljesac wine yards and oyster farms

Join us in exploration of Dubrovnik wine region on Peljesac peninsula and famous oyster farms in city of Ston with this private excursion. On this private tour you will visit best wineries on Peljesac, learn about wine production and taste superb selection of Croatian wines made from Plavac Mali, followed by optional gourmet experience of oyster tasting in Bay of Mali Ston and lunch in waterfront restaurant. On this tour departing from Dubrovnik, you will have choice to visit local, vintage and worldwide known wineries.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Luxury gastronomy experience - full day tour to Moro Beach Stupe from Dubrovnik
Luxury gastronomy experience - full day tour to Moro Beach Stupe from Dubrovnik

Experience famous restaurant & venue Moro Beach Stupe, Guarantee a unique gastronomic & hedonist experience, paired with full day boat tour. In a consant seach for a true hedonism expirience we have found a true gem on tiny island Stupe, distance 40 nautical miles from Dubrovnik. Yes, crossing forty (40) nautical miles on sea seems a long way, but with modern speed boats this distance is crossed in hour and 45 minutes. Than, split that voyage with two stops in a hidden bays on the way from Dubrovnik to Korcula and it does not looks so exausting. And you will find a true gem. Read complete itinerary of this private tour ask us for more information and confirm availability of this unique boat tour from Dubrovnik.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Clash of cultures
Clash of cultures

Neretva river, a place where the north meets the south and the west meets the east, a place where Neretva river divides cultures and religions over the centuries till this days... This tour offers to you an opportunity to explore this area of rich and turbulent history, and to learn more about differences and connections of people who live here today.Visit historic spots, Mostar and Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the same day. Travel in a comfortable vehicle while learning about the history of the Pocitelj,Mostar and Medjugorje from your professional guide.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Korcula across the sea
Korcula across the sea

Enjoy beautiful scenery of south Dalmatian islands while you navigate towards island Korcula with speed boat or yacht.The sights that you will visit during this private boat tour are: Panorama of Dubrovnik littoral, Elaphite Islands, the channel of Mljet Island and Peljesac Peninsula, Badija Island, and top venues in Korcula: Olt town, house of Marco Polo, street market, St. Anthony's Cypress Hill and Abbey Treasury.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Private Game of Thrones full day tour in Dubrovnik
Private Game of Thrones full day tour in Dubrovnik

Visit all shooting locations of popular Game of Thrones show in Dubrovnik. King's Landing, Red Keep, Quarth, prince Oberyn and The Mountain battlefield, King Landing summer residence, terrace where Jaime was practicing with his left hand and so on. Upgrade this tour to luxury speed boat tour, make the most of your day. Tour options are : 2 hour(s) private walking tour Half day(4 hrs) including 2 hours private walking and public ferry from Dubrovnik to island Lokrum (2 hours) with option for free time after tour check out Half day(4 hrs) including 2 hours private walking tour and panorama tour with private car on mount Srdj (2 hours) with option for free time after tour check out. Half day(4 hrs) including 2 hours of private walking tour and private boat tour around island Lokrum (2 hours) with option for free time after tour check out Full day (8 hrs) including 2 hours of private walking tour and private boat tour around island Lokrum and Elafiti islands with option for lunch at waterfront restaurant (not included in price) Note : tour with private boats are skipe the lines tours.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:The hill of Virgin Mary
The hill of Virgin Mary

 Medjugorje is a unique phenomenon in the modern world, a sacred place which gathers a multitude of pilgrims from all over the world coming to face a God with great faith and to find peace in their souls and hearts ... Today it is one of the biggest prayer centers in the world.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Magnificent Boka Bay
Magnificent Boka Bay

Feel and discover an amazing beauty of ancient Montenegro bay litorial, navigate from Dubrovnik via Cavtat to Kotor, explore Kotor attractions with private guide, visit Our Lady of Rocks man made island created by in privacy and style. The area from the Dubrovnik-Konavle coast up to the coast of Montenegro, along with Prevlaka and Island Mamula and the Bay of Kotor really do have a certain maritime charm that can be best experienced if you take sightseeing by luxury yacht. With this private boat tour explore Montenegro Boka Bay attractions from the sea, skip the lines and crowded roads...

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Discover Dubrovnik
Discover Dubrovnik

This unique tour gives you an opportunity to explore the stunning architecture and history of this world famous City. Witness Dubrovnik's rich history and discover its magnificent buildings, palaces and treasures. unique private tour gives you the opportunity to explore the stunning architecture and history of this world famous town in private setting of your group. Become one of the witnesses of Dubrovnik's rich history and discover its magnificent buildings, palaces and treasures. Multiple choices of starting times are, you can start in the morning or afternoon. Duration is 2 hours or 4 hours. Rest of the time is yours to explore more Dubrovnik attractions on your own and when you finish if you choose transport service your driver will pick up you later, at the pre-appointed time and place and take you back to your hotel or ship.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Yacht week charter Porto Montenegro  - Dubrovnik - Split
Yacht week charter Porto Montenegro - Dubrovnik - Split

Embark on an unforgettable private yachting cruise from Porto Montenegro to Split, Croatia via most popular Croatian summer destinations: Dubrovnik and Hvar. Submit inquiry with details about size of your group, dates, yacht and other preferences so adriaticGlobal.Net yacht can propose the best yacht charter contract. Solution for a unqestionablle luxury experience in Croatia, developed to feel and experience all major destination with no more than 2-4 hours of cruising per day. The purpose of this yacht charter experience is to give you the luxury onboard experience with visiting top attractions in destinations, enjoy gourmet foods, have fun, sport and adventure and relax on the yacht.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Where the East meets the West
Where the East meets the West

Mostar, city of poetry, a city of bricks and sleeping narrow and curving streets, exceptional for its buildings and monuments joined together in harmony of centuries where the differences and contrasts can be seen on each corner. Visit ttractions as Hercegovina most notable architectural landmark "Old Brigde / Stari Most", mosques, cathedrals, street are (Bruce Lee statue), Pocitelj, Dervis house, distanced only two hours from Dubrovnik.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Dubrovnik sunset panorama
Dubrovnik sunset panorama

Would you like to enjoy a romantic and unforgettable sailing experience? Witness the glistening sunset that reflects the Adriatic sea and watch the shine of Dubrovnik city walls bathed in the last rays of the setting sun...

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Dubrovnik deep sea & big game fishing
Dubrovnik deep sea & big game fishing

Are you ready for action, adventure and excitement? Would you like to try fishing in Dubrovnik area? Join us with your friends or family and have a fishing experience of a lifetime.

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:Dubrovnik waterfront dining
Dubrovnik waterfront dining

Enjoy in a memorable dining experience in one of the most popular waterfront restaurants of Elaphite islands and Dubrovnik surrounding... Arrive in style with speedboat or yacht and enjoy a wonderful ambiance and Mediterranean specialties...

dubrovnik : privateexcursions:From stone walls to green gardens
From stone walls to green gardens

 We invite you to join us and experience combination of nature, culture and gastronomy... Climb up on the second in length walls in the world and enjoy the serenity of one of the most beautiful examples of garden architecture in Europe…


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High class boats
Vintage boat

If you want to experience Dubrovnik in a different way, this is the ideal tour for you.


New boat (delivered 2018.)

Delivered in 2018., this brand new boat, Cap Camarat 9 WA with Suzuki 350 horsepower engine, available for rent in Dubrovnik with adriaticGlobal.Net.


Atlantic Sun Cruiser 730

Reason for the popularity for speedboat Atlantic 730 is that their characteristics can amaze different profiles of customers. Youngest people will like this speedboat, because on its top speed it acts as a jet ski suits and fantastically submits the changes of direction. The older people will like this speedboat because of the safeties and comfort while driving on a normal speed. Atlantic 670 open speedboats is perfect for the quick transfers and full day excursion on Elaphite islands.


Luxury yachts
Squadron 55
M/Y Malawi

Luxurious motor yacht Squadron 55 is ideal for cruising around the coast and islands such as Elaphite islands, island Hvar, Korcula, Mljet, Brac,Hvar, Vis. This luxury yacht has all licenses for sailing to other country: Montenegro (to visit or one way transfer Budva, Kotor, Sveti Stefan, Porto Montenegro) and Italy. The yacht has 3 cabins (6 berths), large, spacious entertaining areas, extensive saloon and upper deck area: flybridge (with fridge and grill). The yacht is created using only the very finest materials, including exotic woods, hand selected granite work surfaces and state of the art design features. The comfortable, luxury motor yacht Fairline Squadron 55 will not leave you indifferent.



If you are looking for a luxury yacht charter in Dubrovnik, you are on a right place. Do you want a quite time for you and your family while you are cruising along the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea, or you want to show to your friends a nightlife in exclusive clubs on the Croatian islands...


Navetta 30

This Ferretti Navetta 30, Custom Line is in a excellent condition and loaded with extras, including  3  Mitshubishi  zero  speed  stabilizers. She can luxuriously accommodate up to twelve Guests in a five cabins plus crew and  is powered by twin common rail  MAN engines.