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Poštovani gosti,

Na ovoj stranici možete potražiri korisne informacije o našim proizvodima i uslugama, rezervacijama, načinu plaćanja ili potražiti odgovore na Vaša pitanja ...

Opci uvjeti

Doznajte više o uvjetima korištenja usluga smještaja iz programa ponude(Smještaj,Apartmani,Transferi,Izleti) adriaticGlobal agencije na ovom linku
Doznajte više o uvjetima korištenja usluga smještaja iz programa ponude adriaticGlobal agencije na ovom linku.

Način placanja

Doznajte više o načinima i modelima plaćanja proizvoda i usluga iz našeg programa ponude...

Kako izvršiti rezervaciju

Informacije o izboru, rezervacijama i plaćanju proizvoda i usluga iz programa ponude adriaticGlobal agencije...

FAQ - Učestala korisnička pitanja

Faq za odabir apartmana, smještaja, transfera, izleta na Dubrovačkom području
Na ovim stranicama možete dobiti odgovore na naka od učestalih korisničkih pitanja gosta vezno za kupovinu izleta , najam glisera ,  charter jahti , odabir hotela , villa i apartmana .


Korisnička podrška

Contact us for informations, questions or itineraries...

Best boat experience!

This was the perfect way for us to get from Hvar back to Dubrovnik! We got to stop at several islands along the way down and get out and explore, go to secret swimming spots and Frano was great at letting us choose what worked best for us. The whole experience was worth it and would recommend this over a car ride or ferry for sure!!

Great experience :)

Really great day out and would highly recommendable Frano really looked after us and made sure we were well looked after , we visited BOWA restaurant which was really beautiful and secluded Thank you frano for a great day out and for looking after us :)

Highly recommend booking with adriaticglobal.net!!

I booked a day trip for 11 people and I have nothing but positive things to say about Frano and his staff. Pre-departure, he was accommodating, proactive, communicative and responsive. During the trip, his staff was kind and welcoming and even found us a last minute lunch reservation for 11 when our ground transportation fell through. There was never a point I felt confused or worried about my booking. Frano delivered everything he promised and more. Wonderful experience.