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On this page You can search for the answers on frequently asked questions. We hope that this presented answers will ease your use of our web site and clear the most of details about the booking of our services.

If You have any questions related to: products and bookings, our service and offer, our web sites and possible issues on web site, you can contact customer service by this form on e-mail address cs@adriticglobal.net

  1. How do I search?
    You can search our offer by using web search engine. Simply enter necessary parameters of search and klik on the search button. Also you may browse our offer trough main menu and links

  2. How do I book a service from your offer?
    The booking procedure is explained in detail on the following link how to book.

  3. Who do I turn to in case I need more informations, help or recommendation?
    Our customer service is at your disposal, please contact us without hesitation.

  4. Why adriaticGlobal (Why would I choose your agency)?
    adriaticGlobal TA is a regional expert and leading specialist for holiday planning and provision of complete tourist services in southern Dalmatia, Dubrovnik area and wider. Our business is based on quality presentation and complete tourist offer, professional and individual service oriented to client wishes and needs. adriaticGlobal TA as Destination Management Company is an active member of UHPA ( ACTA /Association of Croatian Travel Agencies) which is a guarantee of the service quality and authenticity of products and services. We’re taking a special care of our clients during their stay in destination or use of our services and we are always at your disposal ready to help and share useful and helpful information… Throughout our past we had countless number of satisfied and returning clients which presents our success and pride and we hope that you will become one of them in a near future. Our goal is satisfied client and professional service which goes beyond your expectations! Detailed answer can be found here link.

  5. Where can I learn more about your agency?
    To learn more about our agency click about us, on our official TripAdvisor page : adriaticGlobal TA , our official Facebook page , Pinterest , Google + and Twitter.

  6. When is the best period for booking?
    When the season approaches most accommodation gets booked and there are fewer units to choose from. Therefore it is in your best interest to book as soon as possible. This way you can ensure yourself the desired accommodation.

  7. Would you explain the prices of adriaticGlobal offer program?
    The prices of all products and services are expressed in your currency and euro. Prices of accommodation are defined by accommodation unit, per night. Maximal number of people is defined by the number of beds and additional beds. Price of day tours are defined by adults and children, price of boat rent are defined by boat and prices of private excursions are defined per service.

  8. How do I pay for the reservation?
    All the information's about the payment you can find on our pages methods of payment.

  9. What is included in the price of the rent?
    The price of the rent includes all listed equipment and services, electricity and water.
    If there are any additional services, those are listed and they have price apart from main services.

  10. Advance payment?
    By paying in advance, you are guaranteed to get the exact accommodation unit you viewed and reserved on our web pages since your advance payment is immediately forwarded to the host. Read our general terms and conditions for further information. As member of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA), adriaticGlobal is dedicated to provide quality accommodation services in cooperation with private accommodation lessees.

  11. Why is there a difference in the exchange rate when paying for the reservation?
    The amount stated in Kunas is charged to your credit card according to the selling rate of Raiffeisen bank on the charge date. Your credit card company charges your bank in Euros according to the exchange rate of the bank the credit card company works with on the day when the reservation amount is charged.

  12. Why are payment processing fees sometimes higher than expected?
    One of the reasons may be that your bank does not have a contract with our business bank (Raiffeisen bank), meaning that the payment is made by mediation of a third bank. Since each bank charges transaction fees, your bank fees may be higher than expected. Usually payment procession fees are 4-5%

  13. What is "Private excursion"?
    private day tours/excursions in Dubrovnik are taken by one or more passengers (all in the same party) on the date of their choice, subject to schedules and availability. In other words, our private excursions in Dubrovnik are just you (and/or your group) and adriaticGlobal.Net guide or/and driver / skipper - there are no join-in travelers. Private excursions offer the following benefits : they are flexible with itinerary, so you can enjoy trip planning with your own tour guide, enjoy boats & vehicles that catering to only you for sightseeing popular attractions in comfort way.

  14. What is "APA" (Advance Provisioning Allowance) expenses?
    These extra expenses are the provisioning for guests, the fuel cost, land arrangements etc. Normally it is about 30% of the contract value and all items are specified in an Addendum attached to the charter contracts providing breakdown analysis of the costs. Final accounts will be produced by the Captain at the end of the charter on presence of the Broker and any unused funds will be refunded in full to the Charterer directly. If the funds are not sufficient, the Captain will advise you accordingly and bills will be settled upon disembarkation.

  15. What is Sojourn or tourist Tax?
    According to the Sojourn Tax Law, guests are required to pay Sojourn Tax when paying for accommodation services. The Sojourn Tax amounts is 7,00 kn (€ 1,00) per person per day. Children from the age of 12 to 18 have a 50% discount while children under the age of 12 are exempt from paying. The most often Sojourn Tax is included in price of accommodation otherwise it is separated and listed apart from price of other services.

  16. What is the voucher?
    The voucher is the document of confirmation and guarantee that you have booked and paid certain service from our offer. You can find all relevant information related to the reservation on the voucher such as: information about the owner, information about the guests, number of persons, date of arrival and departure etc.

  17. What happens if I do not manage to pay within the deadline for confirming reservation?
    If you miss the deadline for the advance payment you are obligated to inform the agency. If you do not contact us, the situation might result with cancellation of booking.

  18. Is there a certain time when I am supposed to arrive and leave the accommodation?
    If it is not otherwise specified the earliest hour you can enter the accommodation is after 14:00 o'clock on the arrival day and you are obligated to leave the accommodation by 10:00 o'clock in the morning on the departure day.

  19. What happens if I bring more people to the accommodation?
    It is crucial to register all the guests, adults, children even the babies into the booking form. If more guests than are stated on the voucher arrive at the accommodation unit, the host has the right to deny the extra customers in accommodation.

  20. What happens if I bring more people on the tour (private boat or gound tour)?
    It is also crucial to confirm exacts number of participants for the tour. Boats and vehicles are limited capacity,If more guests than are stated on the voucher arrive at the accommodation unit, we keep rights to cancell service and charge full amount.

  21. Can I bring my pet to the accommodation unit / boat / yacht / vehicle ?
    Villas : please specify, we will try to comunicate on this issue with owners. Accommodations: Certain hosts from our offer do not accept pets in their accommodation units so please specify. Hotel : most hotels does not allow pets. Yachts : please specify, we will try to communicate. Cars : mostly we can manage, but please ask before Boats : Yes

  22. Am I entitled to a refund in case I cancel the reservation?
    The terms of the cancellation depend on the date of the cancellation regarding the arrival date / tour check in / service date. In certain occasions our cancellation policy if really flexible, but we have also strict cancellation terms, in most cases we rely on this document, so please read our cancellation policy in general terms document.

  23. Can I change my reservation after the advance payment?
    Depends on changes!. If this is something small, or small itinerary detour we will do this free of charge. Sometimes we charge extra working hours for itinerary and service changes. There was cases that we can not proceed with changes. We belieive that our products are very well described on our web site so please read them carefully and if you have questions contact us. In case of any possible changes and detours, should they occurs you are obliged to inform the agency about the change. All changes must be authorized by the agency otherwise agency will retract responsibility of any possible consequences.

  24. How do I find reserved accommodation?
    Browsing our web site or contacting us.

  25. What should I do if I have problems after my arrival?
    In case of problems after the arrival please contact our customer service (PHONE: +385 20 313 031) and we will try to solve the problem over the phone. Should this prove impossible the agency will send the representative to the spot.

  26. How can I get transfer to the accommodation / hotel / boat?
    Our agency offers you the transfer services from the airports and harbors to the destination. Find out all about our transfer offer. Shuttle transfer from / to the boats and yachts are included in price of service.

  27. I plan to travel by my car and I want to know more about the Croatian highways.
    You can check all relevant information about the Croatian highways on the following link www.hak.hr

Document last update : 15.02.2018

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