Selection of private excursions and tours in Dubrovnik.

Dear traveller, private day tours/excursions in Dubrovnik are taken by one or more passengers (all in the same party) on the date of their choice, subject to schedules and availability. In other words, our private excursions in Dubrovnik are just you (and/or your group) and adriaticGlobal.Net guide or/and driver / skipper - there are no join-in travelers. Private excursions offer the following benefits : they are flexible with itinerary, so you can enjoy trip planning with your own tour guide, enjoy boats & vehicles that catering to only you for sightseeing popular attractions in comfort way.

dubrovnik : shoreexcursions:Discover Dubrovnik private tour

Discover Dubrovnik private tour

Would you like to be introduced to the main sights of Dubrovnik? This unique tour gives you the opportunity to explore the stunning architecture and history of this world famous City. Witness Dubrovnik's rich history and discover its magnificent buildings, palaces and treasures...
dubrovnik : shoreexcursions:The old Jewish quarter

The old Jewish quarter

Did you know that one of the oldest synagogues in Europe is located in the heart of Dubrovnik’s Old town? Jews came to Dubrovnik in the 15th century and made an important cultural contribution to the development of the Republic...

dubrovnik : shoreexcursions:Dubrovnik sea adventure

Dubrovnik sea adventure

 Would you like to enjoy fast speedboat ride and try out popular water sports such as water skiing, tube riding, banana boat...? Did you had an opportunity to snorkel, explore and swim at some of the most attractive locations on Elaphite islands, their hidden bays, sea caves and beaches? Join us on this exciting tour and make the most of your day ...
dubrovnik : shoreexcursions:Hidden beauties of Elaphite islands

Hidden beauties of Elaphite islands

This exciting and unique speedboat excursion is your opportunity to visit six beautiful islands of Elaphite archipelago... We invite you to join us in this special blend of research and entertainment in company of our friendly and knowledgeable skipper. Experience Elaphite islands, their natural beauties and historical heritage in completely different way ...

dubrovnik : shoreexcursions:Dubrovnik Jet Ski safari

Dubrovnik Jet Ski safari

Get ready for a serious fun and Jet Ski safari adventure! Riding waves along shore side of Dubrovnik and nearby islands offers the best possible Jet Ski experience in Dubrovnik region...

Why choose adriaticGlobal.Net private day trips

  • Start the tour on any date at your convenience.
  • Choose the tour length as long as your schedule and budget allow.
  • Plan the tour with hotels and sightseeing spots that you are specifically interested in.
  • You may order the dishes you want with our specially arranged A La Carte Meals.
  • Experienced guides and skillful drivers and skippers offer services are provided for your exclusive use.
  • Luxury & comfortable private boats, cars, minibus operates for your party only.
  • Travel at your own pace that flexibly fits your travel style.
  • Ideal for people who need special assistance, such as the elderly, people with disabilities or families with small children.

adriaticGlobal private excursions

Our private excursions are product of our experience, designed to offer maximum satisfaction to our clients through attention to detail. Majority of private excursions are intended for 2, to maximum 6 persons in order to assure a comfort and personal attention.

adriaticGlobal excursion program is not offered by any other agency or excursion provider in southern Dalmatia, therefore they are unique by their content and exceptional service.

Destinations and programs

Excursion programs are carefully designed through selection of the most attractive destinations and themes.
Besides destinations which are regularly visited as part of commercial programs offered on the tourist market in Dubrovnik, we have enriched our programs with inclusion of several more destinations and sites during excursion to assure best possible experience.

Professional guide is inseparable partof our private excursions programs, more precisely in programs which include visits to historical towns, monuments, cultural sites. We believe that you will get better insight and information's about destinations, country and sights if you are accompanied by professional guide... Your overall excursion experience will be by far better.

Transportation and personnel

Transportation of private excursions is always operated with new, comfortable and luxury vehicles/vessels.
Our employees are high professionals in the frame of their duty, friendly and knowledgeable always at your disposal and service during the program.

Advantages of private excursions

The main advantage of private excursions is that you don't have to be in the company of other unknown people, you can experience more intimate settings and special attention, and you are not conditioned with the location and time of departures, time of return or retention in certain places during excursion... Due to this facts, private excursions are fully adaptable, meaning that you don’t have to follow up the itinerary or recommended program. In co-ordination with your guide and driver you can always change itinerary and adapt it to your comfort and wishes.

Explanation of price

The basic price of private excursions is formed according to program and includes main services! Therefor the basic price of excursion is the same for 1, 2 or maximum 6 people attending on certain excursion. This is because we have to engage same amount of our personnel and means to execute certain excursion program regardless on number of participants. Individual rates can be easily calculated by dividing basic price of excursion with number of participants and by adding  additional services (if any) according to number of participants. Additional services, as part of certain program are not included in main price of excursion. We believe that calculation of these services should be based to the number of persons who are attending certain excursion, therefore those services are not included in basic price in advance.

Make the most of your vacation and join us on one of excursions from our offer
adriaticGlobal TA

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Tailor made tours

We offer to you excursions and tours tailored to suit small groups and individuals who wish to break away from the crowd and experience more intimate settings and special attention.Why wouldn't you design your own private excursion? Your private excursion will be adjust according to your wishes and needs! Simply describe to adriaticGlobal.Net TA customer service what kind of a excursion you prefer, and we'll contact you with our proposal form.


If you don't like to be conditioned with the location and time of departure, time of return, retention in certain places during excursion and to be in the company of unknown people but only with your friends or family members, private tour is probably the best choice for you!

We organize individual and group private excursions

From Dubrovnik, and its surroundings and to the most popular destinations of southern Dalmatia and neighboring countries or any destination of your choice!We went even one step beyond and we offer to you the opportunity to suggest to us or make your proposal of excursion at the time which is convenient to you, to destinations of your choice and departure from your accommodation / hotel.

Contact adriaticGlobal.Net private excursions sales

Write to us :
We are using this opportunity to mention some of the most popular destinations near Dubrovnik: Montenegro,Korcula, Mostar, Sarajevo, Mudjugorje, Elaphite islands (Lopud, Kolocep, Sipan), island Mljet (National Park Mljet), Trsteno (Arboretum)
You can find out more about the aforementioned and other destinations on our pages of daily excursions with guarantied departures! Depending on destination of your choice and number of participants we will choose together a vehicle or boat that will be the most suitable and comfortable for you.

Our vehicles and boats

Our excursions are operated by new vehicles/boats with professional drivers/skippers and with guide up on request (if you like to be better acquainted with the various sights in destinations that you are about to visit. Remember, your satisfaction is our success, we're looking forward to be at your service...
adriaticGlobal TA team

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