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Short info about history of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik DUBROVNIK is a historic city on the Adriatic coast in the extreme south of Croatia, positioned at the terminal end of the Isthmus of Dubrovnik. Old town of Dubrovnik has unique political and cultural history (Republic of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik statute from 1272), world wide famous historical monument heritage and beauties enrolled in UNESCO registry of worlds cultural heritage. Dubrovnik is one of the most attractive and the most famous cities of Mediterranean.

Dubrovnik The prosperity of the city of Dubrovnik has always been based on maritime trade. In the Middle Ages, as the Republic of Ragusa, it became the only eastern Adriatic city-state to rival Venice. Supported by its wealth and skilled diplomacy, the city achieved a remarkable level of development, particularly during the 15th and 16th centuries. Ragusa (Dubrovnik) was one of the centers of the development of the Croatian language and literature, home to many notable poets, playwrights, painters, mathematicians, physicists and other scholars.

Dubrovnik today

Besides it's extraordinary natural beauties and preservation of heritage, Dubrovnik is one of the most prominent tourist resorts, a seaport and the center of the Dubrovnik-Neretva county.
Dubrovnik is city of hotels , beautiful surroundings , envious ecological standards and touristic offerings attractive all year around. Today Dubrovnik is a tranquil touristic and cultural center hosting many musical, art and theater events all year round. The annual Dubrovnik Summer Festival from 10th of July to 25th of August is a cultural event when keys of the city are given to artists who entertain Dubrovnik's population and their guests for entire month with numerous live plays, concerts and theatricals...

For sightseeing of Dubrovnik , it's treasures and monuments you will need several days.
But already trough walk over main street Stradun, tight alleys and shops, monumental city walls and forth's visitors are meeting millennial beauty of it's urban entity.

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Dubrovnik Summer Festival


Cultural events Dubrovnik is town of culture and art, therefore his visitors and residents can enjoy in numerous cultural and artistic events. Theatricals, concerts, folklore manifestations, museums, exhibitions and performances of numerous world famous artists and guests of Dubrovnik are held all year around. Let’s just munch few of the most popular: World famous Dubrovnik summer festival which is celebrating art . Dubrovnik summer festival lasts from 10th of July to 25th of August...

St. Blaise

Dubrovnik Celebration of st. Blaise , protector of Dubrovnik. It is accompanied with the magnificent procession and participation of all parishes in this region. It is held on 02nd of February. Week before and after holiday is fulfilled with different festal events. If you are in Dubrovnik during this period you will certainly enjoy this celebration. Dubrovnik carnival is held since 14th century and lasts from 17th till 20st of February. During that period many parties under the mask are held when people as one sage said wear their personalities. Historical monuments Whole Dubrovnik is town-monument, therefore it is maybe needless to accent some of its monuments in particular. This pearl of Renascence architecture carries spirit of old times in every of its corners. It is hard to describe Dubrovnik, it is something that you have to experience and enjoy its beauties...

Here are some of interesting facts related to Dubrovnik history

DubrovnikDubrovnik dates from 7th century and it was originally built between settlement Ragusa on Laus riff and forested lend part Dubrava (Name of Dubrovnik most probably originates from Dubrava) where early Croats made their settlement. During medieval period the port of Dubrovnik was closed with massive chains during the night, and that is visible even today

Owing to its skillful diplomacy it is interesting that Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik Republic has newer been involved in warfare during its existence, until arrival of Napoleon. Napoleon realized that it will be hard to conquer Dubrovnik, therefore he deceitfully asked Dubrovnik senate for permission to take rest over night and pass thru Dubrovnik on his way to south. After his request was granted, Napoleon with his troops had occupied town of Dubrovnik.

  • On the hill Srd (Srj) above Dubrovnik, Napoleon raised his forth Imperial.
  • Damnation of island Lokrum is rarely known and according to the legend island was damned by Benedictines because of their banishmend... Legend also tells that damnation can be removed only if all drops of wax from their candles gather again.
  • According to another legend, English king Richard the Lion Heart was couth in storm near Dubrovnik on his return from the Third Crusade. He vowed to raise a church on place where he touches the lend. Since he survived shipwreck on the rocks of the island Lokrum in 1192, he did partly fulfilled his vow as he donated gold to build church in Dubrovnik.
  • Dubrovnik had one of first three pharmacies in Europe "Mala Braca"
  • It is interesting that Dubrovnik even during early medieval had waterworks and canalization of wastewater.
  • Did you know that after big earthquake in 1667 which almost completely destroyed Dubrovnik, every visitor of as permit to enter the town had to bring two eggs and stone in size and mass that he could carry. Dubrovnik had one of the first forms of democratic society and authorities, freedom of citizens and free elections of its rectors.
  • Dubrovnik Republic was the first state that recognized united states of America as independent country.

DubrovnikIn your're searching for refreshment in the sea during hot summer months, Dubrovnik offers to you large variety of beaches.

Dubrovnik most popular beaches are: "Banje", "Copacabana" , "Uvala", "Cava beach", "Buza bar", "Porporela", "Sv. Jakov". Besides main beaches there are numerous beaches spread all over Lapad peninsula.

"Banje" beach is situated right in front of old town of Dubrovnik. View on Dubrovnik old town while you swimming or sunbathing gives to you unique and spectacular feeling.
There is also popular and attractive bar, restaurant and night club right on the beach. Here you can take refreshment ond choose among large variety of cocktails, and popular summer drinks.
Some world famous magazines have described this beach as one of the most attractive in the Europe.

Copacabana beach
with its name certainly reminds you of famous beach in Rio de Jeneiro, but this namesake beach in Dubrovnik is situated on Babin Kuk and it is mostly visited by families due to its safe environment and program for children (water slide, playgrounds…). Elders beside the sea may get their refreshment with cold drink in beach bar , jet those who like to spend their beach day with some activity, Copacabana offers sport program with sea kayaking, jet ski, volleyball...
Uvala beach is also type of family beach, and beecause of shallows it is ideal for children.
Beach is composed of pebble part and green area part with grasslands where you may enjoy in shade. If you are in the mood for recreation you can try out in beach volley ball, while youngsters may look for fun at children playgrounds. This beach also has several bars and restaurants.

Other beaches in Dubrovnik are mainly pebble, but there are many concrete and rocky beaches where you can escape from noise and croud of large beaches and be at your own.

Sandy beachSandy beach Sandy beach in dubrovnik.aspx:No
Pebble beachPebble beach Pebble beach in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Rocky beachRocky beach Rocky beach in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Concrete beachConcrete beach Concrete beach in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
FKK beachFKK beach FKK beach in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Beach with blue flagBeach with blue flag Beach with blue flag in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Beach for people with disabilitiesBeach for people with disabilities Beach for people with disabilities in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
RestaurantRestaurant Restaurant in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
PizzeriaPizzeria Pizzeria in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
TavernTavern Tavern in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Fast foodFast food Fast food in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Pastry shopPastry shop Pastry shop in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes

Night life in Dubrovnik

Visitors interested in the nightlife can choose from bars, live music, modern disco clubs, public fieste on open air. Some of the nightlife spots frequently enjoyed by tourists are :

  • Culture Club Revelin
  • Malvasija Wine bar
  • Buzz bar
  • Caffe bar Libertina
CaffebarCaffebar Caffebar in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
CasinoCasino Casino in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Cocktail barCocktail bar Cocktail bar in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Disco clubDisco club Disco club in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Night ClubNight Club Night Club in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Lounge barLounge bar Lounge bar in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
PromenadePromenade Promenade in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
TheatreTheatre Theatre in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
CinemaCinema Cinema in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Sports and recreation
Banana boatBanana boat Banana boat in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Beach volleyballBeach volleyball Beach volleyball in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Bicycle lanesBicycle lanes Bicycle lanes in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Big game fishingBig game fishing Big game fishing in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
BowlingBowling Bowling in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Bungee jumpingBungee jumping Bungee jumping in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
CartingCarting Carting in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Fitness centarFitness centar Fitness centar in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Free climbingFree climbing Free climbing in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Horseback ridingHorseback riding Horseback riding in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Indoor swiming poolIndoor swiming pool Indoor swiming pool in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Jet skiJet ski Jet ski in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Swiming pool for childrenSwiming pool for children Swiming pool for children in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Mini golfMini golf Mini golf in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Organized fishingOrganized fishing Organized fishing in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Outdoor swiming poolOutdoor swiming pool Outdoor swiming pool in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
PaintballPaintball Paintball in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
ParasailingParasailing Parasailing in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
RaftingRafting Rafting in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
SaunaSauna Sauna in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Sea kayakingSea kayaking Sea kayaking in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Table tennisTable tennis Table tennis in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Tennis courtTennis court Tennis court in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Water skiingWater skiing Water skiing in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Wake boardWake board Wake board in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
WindsurfingWindsurfing Windsurfing in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Tube ridingTube riding Tube riding in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
WaterpoloWaterpolo Waterpolo in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Water slideWater slide Water slide in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Panorama flightsPanorama flights Panorama flights in dubrovnik.aspx:No
Diving ClubDiving Club Diving Club in dubrovnik.aspx:No Dubrovnik,
Running pathRunning path Running path in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
RentaBikeRentaBike RentaBike in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Mountain pathsMountain paths Mountain paths in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
ApartmentsApartments Apartments in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
RoomsRooms Rooms in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
HotelsHotels Hotels in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
HostelsHostels Hostels in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
VillasVillas Villas in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
AirportAirport Airport in dubrovnik.aspx:No 25 km , Cilipi
Bus terminalBus terminal Bus terminal in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Ferry portFerry port Ferry port in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Train stationTrain station Train station in dubrovnik.aspx:No 90 km, Metkovic Ploce
Public transportationPublic transportation Public transportation in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
TaxiTaxi Taxi in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Rent-a-carRent-a-car Rent-a-car in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Important services
Police stationPolice station Police station in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
AmbulanceAmbulance Ambulance in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Fire departmentFire department Fire department in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Port authoritiesPort authorities Port authorities in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Post officePost office Post office in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
BankBank Bank in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Tourist officeTourist office Tourist office in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Medical services and health care
HospitalHospital Hospital in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Medical clinicMedical clinic Medical clinic in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
PharmacyPharmacy Pharmacy in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
0-24 Pharmacy0-24 Pharmacy 0-24 Pharmacy in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
DentistDentist Dentist in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Oculist/OpticianOculist/Optician Oculist/Optician in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
GynecologistGynecologist Gynecologist in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Private PolyclinicPrivate Polyclinic Private Polyclinic in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
VeterinaryVeterinary Veterinary in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Other services
Bus stationBus station Bus station in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Gas stationGas station Gas station in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Cash machineCash machine Cash machine in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Insurance officeInsurance office Insurance office in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Exchange OfficeExchange Office Exchange Office in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Shopping centreShopping centre Shopping centre in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Internet clubInternet club Internet club in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
PicturePicture Picture in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Suovenir shopSuovenir shop Suovenir shop in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Hair dresserHair dresser Hair dresser in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Beauty salonBeauty salon Beauty salon in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Car washCar wash Car wash in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Car serviceCar service Car service in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
Tire repairmanTire repairman Tire repairman in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
ACI MarinaACI Marina ACI Marina in dubrovnik.aspx:No 6 km, Komolac
Yacht clubYacht club Yacht club in dubrovnik.aspx:No 6 km, Komolac
Boat serviceBoat service Boat service in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
BerthBerth Berth in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
CampCamp Camp in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes
FKK campFKK camp FKK camp in dubrovnik.aspx:No
Boat rentalBoat rental Boat rental in dubrovnik.aspx:Yes

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